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At Air Mat we specialize in the sale and distribution to the Australian and New Zealand markets of patented, leading edge DWF (double wall fabric) inflatable mats and products for a versatile range of activities and sports.


DWF is a unique type of PVC based material that has many thousands of polyester ‘spacer threads’ holding the top and bottom PVC layers rigidly in place. All mats are airtight, lightweight, handmade and of the highest quality and, in the main part even the largest mat can be inflated within four minutes. Our exclusive manufacturer is ISO-9001 certified and we are proud of their ability to custom make Air Mats to order for a plethora of applications.


The eco-friendly-grade DWF used in all of our Air Mats is certified and does not give off the potentially hazardous phthalate chemicals often found in some generic PVC products making it safe for all age groups.  As well as meeting stringent safety standards the fabric is also easy to clean and is extremely hygienic even inhibiting the growth of dust mites and related bacteria.


DWF Air Mat inflatables contribute to healthy development in children and young adults by effectively stimulating growth plates whilst simultaneously minimizing stress to the bones and muscles and as a result, increasing the effectiveness of exercise activities two or three fold.


Air Mats are ideal for high flying martial arts, exercise for the elderly, acrobatics and gymnastics in schools, “Air-obics”, and plenty of work out regimes at the local fitness centre.  Coupled with the above we have a wide range of Air Mats perfect for water sports, the beach and the pool as well as trekking and camping; gone are the days of waking up with no air left in the Li-Lo!


Air Mats;

  • Make gymnastics fun again!
  • Replace the old foam and rubber exercise mats!
  • Make for a good night’s sleep in the tent!
  • Are multifunctional and fun!
  • Easy to inflate, carry and store!


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Air Mat is a wholly owned subsidiary of Surface-it Pty Ltd.