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The Air Track, the original concept from which much of the Air Mat range was developed, unfettered excitement and the ultimate for gymnastic routines.

A single unit in lengths of up to 12 metres and a thickness of up to 300mm the Air Track can be manufactured up to 4m wide (traditionally 2m).


The Air Track as a whole can often replace much of the impact reducing equipment and soft fall required in a traditional gymnasium environment to create a similar acrobatic output that one might see from professionals using large trampolines and deep landing pits full of foam.


Today Air Tracks can be seen both indoors and outdoors, at schools, in the gym, at the beach and at carnivals, the opportunities are endless, especially given the portability and ease at which they can be readied for immediate use.


Free form routines are common place as some of our videos will attest and before long the use of air for high impact exercise will become the rule rather than the exception.



Air Tracks

Product Size (H/mm x W/m x L/m) Approx. Packed Size (mm)
Air Tracks

200mm x 2000mm x 10m

300mm x 2000mm x 10m

200mm x 2000mm x 12m

300mm x 2000mm x 12m

2450mm x 640mm x 300mm

2450mm x 640mm x 300mm

2450mm x 640mm x 350mm

2450mm x 640mm x 350mm

 *Custom sizes can be manufactured to order


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