On the Water – Air Mat


As well as being extremely practical in general use Air Mats can provide for great fun. Most Air Mats, as a result of their sophisticated construction, are a little heavier than other inflatable water toys and as such will not blow away quite so easily, in addition they provide a more stable platform for leisure and play. Our Rolling Cylinder can be used in aqua carnivals for novelty events, the Body Board is great fun in the surf and Stepping Stones are always a challenge in quieter waters. For a leisurely afternoon lying in the sun our A-Slide provides for an excellent stage that is easily transformed into an obstacle course for the more adventurous. All of the above are compact, lightweight and portable and can be quickly inflated and ready for play in no time.


Warning: When using Air Mats on water please observe all general precautions and safety measures associated with such activities and water toys. Young children should never play in open water unsupervised. Where possible, do not expose Air Mats to strong winds or large waves.

Aqua Air Mats / Recreational

Product Size (H/mm x W/m x L/m) Approx. Packed Size (mm)
Rolling Cylinder 70mm x 1480mm x 1500mm 740mm x 620mm x 200mm
Stepping Stones

200mm x 1500mm x 1400mm (x2 pcs)

200mm x 1000mm x 800mm (x10 pcs)

1220mm x 640mm x 350mm

200mm x 2000mm x 2400mm (3 pcs)

200mm x 1500mm x 2000mm (1pc)

1200mm x 640mm x 350mm
Body Board 70mm x 550mm x 1050mm 250mm x 300mm x 150mm

 *Custom sizes can be manufactured to order

Air Mats In Use

Water Mat
Air Mat Board
water mat
Water Mat Fun
Water Roller
Water Mat