Technical – Air Mat


Depending on the size of your Air Mat and the inflated resistance / pressure (psi) required for its specific use there are a number of pumps (240v, 12v, hand-operated) generally available at boating and camping retail outlets as well as online. We also offer a couple of suitable alternatives for you to consider when you purchase your Air Mat.


Below is a simple guide to inflation, deflation and re-packing of your product. For more detailed information please contact us at Air Mat directly.

Double Wall Fabric


DWF products are robust and rigid in structure but still comfortable. Rolling and crumpling as can be experienced with the traditional inflatable mattress is virtually eliminated.


What is DWF?


Double wall fabric has a myriad of unique polyester strands linking the two walls which restricts movement of the air within the skin of the product. As a result, DWF is extremely durable and can withstand far greater air pressure than other pneumatic inflatables. Cutting edge technology expertly put together by hand!



  • Solid and extremely durable in comparison to traditional inflatables
  • Each Air Mat is hand made to exacting specification
  • Extreme recoil provides less strain on lower limbs
  • Rapid inflation / deflation provides for easy storage and transportation
  • Much lighter weight than rubber mats
  • Easy to clean
  • No Phthalate chemicals increases hygiene and reduces likelihood of dust mites and bacteria
  • Reliable after sales service
  • No comparison with traditional pneumatic air mattresses and generic inflatables. Our Air Mats have to be seen, jumped on and slept on to be fully appreciated!







How to re-pack your Air Mat


*If your air track is to be packed / stored away for an extended period of time and space permits, consideration should be given to rolling up the product as opposed to folding it.

Additional Information